Sunday, September 14, 2014

Smoky Mountain Camping

I've kinda given up on taking pictures in the Smoky Mountains because my pictures always end up looking like every other picture.  Even though each one is personal.  This one is actually looking at the trail going down, but it looks like it's going up.  Like I said . . . my pictures all look the same. 

This is the Appalachian Trail at Newfound Gap, one that I usually find hard because there are lots of rocks and a steady uphill beyond every curve.  Then, it does smooth out just at the junction of another trail, not quite 2 miles up.  I've finally talked my kids into going on ahead so I can take my time.

We camped on Wednesday night, then it rained on Thursday night and our gang stayed in a hotel suite.  Across the street was the Mountain Coaster, just opened last week.  Sarah and I tried it out half an hour before the 10 p.m. closing and it was FUN.  Smooth and fast coming down the mountain.  If you're in Gatlinburg, try it out.  A good ride, and nice people.

It rained again on Friday night and we brought home a wet tent.  Everything inside was dry, though, so it could have been a lot worse.  The friends we meet every year were gone when we came back from our hike on Friday.  We figured that they got wet on Thursday, figured that the same would happen on Friday, and set off for home.

I guess I'm old, but I thoroughly appreciated the Thursday night hotel stay.  Showers.  Beds.  Bathrooms a few steps away.  No camp fire, but a fireplace.  Ice.  Still the river sound.  A hotel breakfast, not great, but hot.

I decided that I need to work on making my bathroom more luxurious.  Not just functional and taken for granted.  It's so small that I'm not sure how to do that, but there must be a way.

And, I've decided that I need more gym time.     

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Joanne S said...

I think a very nice bathroom is extremely important. And it doesn't have to be extravagant.

A sink you enjoy using. High enough so you don't break your back. A good looking toilet. they have nice ones nowadays. And either a fantastic shower or tub--whichever is your preference. That's it.

I want a walk in shower with a pebble floor and as much water pressure as we can get"legally".

Oh, and endless HOT water.