Friday, September 5, 2014

Class Table Runners

I needed a class project for the end of October and wanted something that would encourage students to get some of their machine feet out of the box and to make something unique to them.  My first try was the red table runner, but I decided that the fabrics didn't really work.  Plus the trim placement needed some tweaking.  After I'd put it aside for a couple of days, I actually liked it a lot, and I'll enjoy it for myself.

The circles are made with a Circular Attachment, which isn't really a foot, but it does go on the machine.  It's a wonderful thing.

This will be my actual sample.  Different colors.  Trim in the right place.  I wish I'd used orange behind the eyelet - in the store, I thought it showed up too much behind the eyelet, but I think that would have been all the better.  And, orange trim, but there was only one package and I needed two

Close up of the eyelet and the binding trim.  I have the supply list ready and the instructions almost written.  Now, I'll hope that my supervisor likes it.  And that students will want to make it.  It's just a little on the art quilt side, but not too far.

Far enough, though, that maybe it would look good off the table and on the wall.

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