Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little House

Thanks to my friend Lisa who gave me Anita Goodesign's Neighborhood Quilt for Christmas.  I was so attracted by all the little houses in pastels, but when I made this potholder for myself I wanted it in my house colors.  Well, my front door isn't turquoise yet, but it will be.  I'm pretty sure I'll never make all the little houses into a quilt, but most of them will appear in various other forms.

I've been feeling kind of low since coming back from North Carolina, my usual.  I just finished an alteration project that took way longer than it should have, so now I can move on to a tee shirt quilt that needs to be finished in a month or so.  I don't have all the tees yet, but I found a design that I can use to start with what I have, then incorporate others later.  How can I not feel good about that? 


Joanne S said...

Alteration--as in making clothing into a different size?

I have big shirts--lovely linen-- that I wish were smaller thru the shoulders. do you do that?

Carol K said...

Love the potholder, Connie! Adorable!