Monday, March 25, 2013

Daffodils at Church

I was trying to get the snowflakes in the picture with the daffodils but it wasn't to be.  But not because there weren't snowflakes.

This morning I'm taking pass two of the class sample I'm working on.  Yesterday I didn't look closely enough at the directions and completely messed it up.  Oh, well, I always tell my students that I make the mistakes so they won't have to.  And, I can rescue the messed-up piece, it will look just fine, I just can't use it as a sample.

There was also a second mess-up that really worked ok.  I didn't put on the embroidery foot, accidentally left on the free motion foot.  But, I guess that a floating foot is a floating foot because it worked just fine.  Tension was awesome.  Nevertheless, I have on the embroidery foot this morning, I'm going to do everything right today.

I learned awhile ago that Aaron is sick this morning, fever and cough, and Mike will be dropping him off here on his way to work.  Carrye and I were going to play with her Janome this afternoon, but we'll have to do that another day.

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