Monday, December 3, 2012

Sick Day

Aaron had a sick day with me today.  Actually, the sick day was yesterday, today was the recovery day.  He would tell you that he threw up nine times.

He helped me decorate my tree, for a little while.  Then we delivered my baby quilt to a restaurant that was in sight of Newport on the Levee and the Aquarium.  He begged to go, so we went home for our passes and saw Scuba Santa and found every one of the hidden reindeer on the list.

Then we hurried across the river to pick up Nora and introduce her to Orange Leaf. 

And now, I'm making applesauce and bread and packing for a sewing retreat.  So many notions, so much thread, I just know I'll need what I didn't bring.  I remembered my great seam ripper, though.

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