Friday, December 7, 2012

Sewing Retreat

I loved the sewing retreat, thanks, Louise, and the other organizers.  It is such a treat to just sew.  That's all, just sew.  No stopping to run to the grocery store or clean the bathroom or put out the trash.  Just sew.
Most of what I sewed is classified, it is December after all.  Nora doesn't read this blog, though, so I'll show you her pajamas and a pair with matching fabric for her doll.  I also made a pair for Aaron from the same pattern, McCall's 6227.  I love this pattern, no buttons, no trim, just practical.  Aaron's all into "fair" these days, and it seemed fair to make pj's for him too, blue fabric with construction vehicles.

This morning I'm having trouble settling into the alterations I should be working on.  I rethreaded the serger and had to make a table runner, just to see if the serger worked.  Picked out stitches on a project (too hastily done before I left) just to warm up the seam ripper.  Emptied the rain barrel because it's been raining like crazy.

Enjoyed unpacking all the things I took, marveled at the projects I didn't work on.  Pondered on what appetizer to take to the church party tonight.  I never make appetizers, don't know what to make.  Store-bought, maybe?


Violet said...

I'm glas you made what you did; it was delicious!

Anonymous said...

I mean glad. Eek