Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Smale Park

The newest section of Cincinnati's waterfront parks is still very new, but it's already hard to imagine life without it.  Yesterday was a cool Monday, but there were still lots of people.  The Reds are out of town, so parking was so easy.  We admired the part of the parking garage marked "players only."

The outdoor foot piano is a popular feature, whether it's a toddler just dancing on the keys or an older child trying to tap out a tune.  Thanks to everyone who had the dream for this park, who helped it come into reality, and who takes care of it.

Before the park, there was lunch across the river, at The Gruff, of course.  It was the first time for patio seating for us, and that was the popular option of the day - we grabbed the last table outside but there were lots inside.  Cheese pizza.  Fries.  Vegetable soup.  No surprises there.

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Joanne S said...

As always--love seeing you and the grands enjoying being together.
I am also fascinated by the soup that girl always orders. Is it just at restaurants
or does she also want soup at home?

I wonder what Riley would think of the piano keys. Probably scare him to death (lol)