Sunday, June 25, 2017

Aaron On Deck

These are the weeks of the baseball tournaments.  And they do go on for weeks, if the team is winning.  I've missed most of the games, but yesterday afternoon they were starting a new tournament in a small town on the Ohio River.  It was a pleasant drive, trees and river glimpses, the river was beautiful from Friday's rain, and by 4:00 the field was dry enough, just barely.

It was the second game that day for the team, the first was at a different tournament site where they finished their bracket.  The boys' baseball tournaments are so different from Nora's softball tournament, which is an intense weekend, four games, over and done.

Last night I made a big to-do list for today.  My days have been unproductive, lots of anxiety, feeling stuck.  Not how I like to be.  This is my first step out of the muck.

My first checkmark was finishing a group of blocks for my next baby quilt.  I have been doing no quilting, no sewing, and that isn't good for me.  This quilt pattern goes quickly and it's almost like a mystery quilt, stitching the blocks on faith that they will look nice together.  Not like a group of stars or triangles.

Another checkmark will be to finish planting the sale plants I've purchased.  There are only a few now to get in the ground, and the ground is moist, good for planting.  

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