Sunday, June 18, 2017

New Restaurant

The big garage-door-style window is open to the street at Lucy's on Monmouth during these warm days.

And the nachos are just the way I like them.  Crisp chips with real cheese melted on top, not cheese sauce.  Jalapenos in a little dish on the side.  Sour cream - to me, that's more for show than anything else.  Tiny chunks of tomatoes.  Perfection.

For those who like to know - the beer is Cougar Bait, from Country Boy Brewing in Lexington, KY.  

1 comment:

Joanne S said...

We have the same taste in Nachos. I don't like sauced cheese either.
And while I do love a nice Margarita on the rocks--that beer looks tasty as well.

I wish we lived nearby--I would enjoy having lunch with you!