Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Stepping Outside the Kitchen

Stepping outside kitchen shown a day or two ago, into the dining area . . .

I'm looking for a new rug, one with turquoise and white and gray - so far, without success.  I'm finding that buying a rug is kind of like buying a dress, hard to find one I really like.

I am lucky in that my house is oriented so that I need no air conditioning during these early June days.  And there are lots of windows for breeze.  As long as we're in the lower 80's, all is well.

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Joanne S said...

I have been rug shopping on Good sales, free shipping and no taxes.
The rugs arrive in less than a week and they look exactly like the picture even the
close up images. I purchased tufted cotton rag rugs in fuchsia, pink and other very bright
colors--they will look amazing with the white walls, trim and dark floors. Dramatic and artistic.
but so many more styles and sizes. may find something.

Today more trim was done and the wide baseboards. Oh, Connie--they look so much "MORE"
than I was expecting. So Good. I was just beyond happy when I went into the bedroom to "look".
And G went out today and purchased the second set of(new) hinges--these in black. So an addition
of $90 but it makes sense and looks wonderful. The washing machine closet now has a door (white)
and knob (black) and I opened and closed the door a couple times. Smiling.

I like seeing your house. "Be Joyful" is very nice.

If you could tell me the parameters of the NICU quilts--I might like to make one--or just another "top"
what do you think--?