Monday, May 29, 2017

Grandma Kitchen

This morning Joanne posted a picture of a "grandma kitchen" with some memories of her grandmother.  Take a look.  

Her grandma kitchen reminded me of my own kitchen.

Pretty small, not much counter space.  Still the original formica.    Metal cabinets but with a nice upgrade of the sliding frosted glass doors on the top cabinets.  There are florescent bulbs to light them from within.  Refrigerator not as small as the one Joanne mentioned, but I did need to special order it to get one this small that had glass shelves.

When I moved in, the floor was gold vinyl.  I don't remember the paint color, either light gold or beige.  No backsplash tile.  No shelf over the kitchen door.  Really shallow sink with those plastic faucets.

There was the little enamel kitchen table with two chairs, like Joanne mentioned.  I opted for storage and a portable dishwasher instead.

When I moved to this house I planned to gut the kitchen, but the house told me to not do that.  Ten years later, I'm still happy with my choice.

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Joanne S said...

grandma's stove had it's back to the bedroom wall, then the sink to the right with a nice window above butted up against the side of the fridge. Across from the stove and next to the fridge a window and then exit right down the stairs to the back door and basement. The only cabinets I remember were the under sink one where gramps kept the whiskey bottle. There were two cabinets up-one above the counter next to the stove and sink and the other next to sink and fridge.

By the way--I love your kitchen. I had a portable dishwasher like that in my Florida cracker box house kitchen. The kitchen was an alley. Dishwasher, sink, square counter top.
Doorway to room with washer dryer across from dishwasher next to stove next to fridge. Enough room
between to walk and open oven door while standing to the side. when oven door was open you were stuck in the doorway or in front of the fridge. Lucky for me fridge opened in the walkway to the table and chairs.