Tuesday, August 9, 2016

House Guest

This week I have a house guest, Maggie.  She is an awesome dog, the kind that has a smile.  She is not the best walker, ten steps and stop and sniff.  She is used to a fenced-in back yard and long walks off leash in open areas, but she is adapting.  Probably remembering from last year.

I have been feeling anxious all summer.  Part is probably that it has been so hot so long and I haven't been going outside like I enjoy.  The garden beds look pretty sad.  I haven't gone to any baseball games, once again because it's so hot.  Not enough walks.  I don't know how the grands have been able to go to football practice, evening after evening.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing whether having a pet helps calm me, like some reading shows.  Not that I am going to get one.  I like being able to just come and go, and I'm not set up to accommodate one.  I'm not sure whether it would even be possible to fence in the back yard with its side slope into the neighbor's driveway.

I didn't do a good job of taking care of the tie-down cord from last year, left it on the back porch and now the clips are too rusty to be functional.  I'll be going to Pet Smart today.  Foreign territory for me.

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Joanne S said...

What a sweet dog. You know, I never had a dog before we got riley. And now, well, I am sad to think he is already 9 and has a lifespan of possibly 14. I think a dog is a good thing. You HAVE to go outside and walk them.
You have to fill the food dish and water bowl. It kind of gets you motivated.
I try and get all my garden work and walks with my buddy done by 1pm.
Then the AC goes on and I do household chores, reading and sewing. But only AFTER
the outdoor stuff is done. Riley and I go out every night before bed to look at the stars.
Well, I look. But it's nice and cool and he gets his business done.

Why not "sit" a dog regularly to see if it works for you?