Monday, August 15, 2016

August Baby Quilt

As always, I loved our baby quilt group today.  And, finally, I had a baby quilt to take since I put on the binding this morning.  I had a charm pack, cut the squares in half, and inserted cream solids.

I'm not sure why I feel like I need a close up, because you know by now that much of my quilting is done with the walking foot.

Maggie left for home last night around 1 a.m.  Her family gave her so much love, and she absorbed it all like a sponge.  She was one happy dog.

I just vacuumed up so much of her dog hair.  I work at a store that sells vacuums and never really appreciated the value of a vacuum that does a great job with pet hair.  

Yesterday I used my Joann coupon for a ruler that has pink markings.  Someone brought one to one of my classes and it seemed like the perfect ruler for dark fabrics.  I always have to look twice at the black markings when I'm cutting navy, dark green, or black fabrics.  I'll let you know if I love this.

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