Thursday, February 25, 2016


Anita Goodesign Mini Quilts

I just spent a bit of time looking for Easter things, I'm excited to be doing some different seasonal decorating.  Putting away the little trees I kept out after Christmas.  There will be a short turn-around time between March 1 and Easter this year.

There were a few snowflakes today, nothing serious.  More wind.  This little snowman was left from my class last weekend and just needed to have the binding finished.  I wanted to show one of the other designs in the collection and also the binding technique.  I think I'll call this a mug rug.  There was a second stitching of the cardinals you saw on January 29, and that turned into a potholder.  I wanted to show that with this technique it's important to not trim the fabric around the outside edges.

I'm trying to incorporate just a little more structure in my days.  I have a new little journal for to-do lists with little line drawings beside easy item.  Nothing you might even recognize, just something to remind me that I am a creative person.  So far, it's making me happy.

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Joanne S said...

I was better at writing in my journals in past years. And they are an absolute joy to look thru--I was so creative. Right now it's more index cards. I have piles of them by the computer, next to the placemat at the table etc. Daily writing and a few little drawings evoke such a strong memory of the"day" in which they were made. Lists are also interesting to keep. I paste them into the journal.