Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moving Along

It's a cold day at my house, and as soon as a customer comes to pick up some pants, I'm going outside to run some errands.  New library books.  Binding for a pink project, something in a large print.  I'm trying really hard to keep projects moving, to not procrastinate.  I'm not sure I have the projects lined up in the right order, but they are getting done.

It's an early Ash Wednesday, which means an early Easter, March 27.  I have a lovely King Cake to take to Asheville soon.  It will be a little late for King Cake, but we can celebrate anyway.  I actually had a delicious slice from a different King Cake on Sunday - thanks, Carrye.

The question is . . . should I pick up something for dinner while I'm out?  I kind of think the answer is yes.  Something with veggies.  And the second question is . . . should I go over the river to the Ash Wednesday service at my church tonight.  I know it's well planned and I know I'd get a lot from it.  But, it's so cold and snowy too, so I'm thinking not, not this year.

I enjoy looking at the snowy garden and thinking about what's in there, hidden from sight, sleeping.  Last year I did a lot of planting so there's got to be some good stuff.  The days are long enough now that the string of solar lights on my back porch light up in the evening, for a very brief while.  The ones on the fence I'm not sure about, I haven't seen anything yet.  I'm telling myself that I didn't put the charger in as sunny a spot.

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