Thursday, January 21, 2016

Yes or No?

Big snow?  Yes or no?

For some places it seems pretty likely.  For us, could go either way.  One thing is sure, I'm not watching the news to try and find out.  I'm sure they are hyping it out to the extreme.  

After a busy first-part-of-the-week, I needed groceries anyway.  The store was crowded but there were some parking places.  Just like a normal morning.

I didn't get all that many things, just not in the mood for anything but the basics.  (Except, Sarah, a six-pack of Madtree Rubus Cacao to bring when I come.)  

But the good news is that yesterday a new little grocery opened in my neighborhood.  I haven't been there, but I'm picturing a smaller Whole Foods.  And in a couple of weeks, there will be an Aldi too.  Choices.  I have a feeling that the big store will be as crowded as always. Maybe I'll find some new-store cooking inspiration though.

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