Saturday, January 9, 2016

Life Lessons # 1 and # 2

Last night I talked with my daughter Sarah on the phone.  She's had a cold since the day after Christmas.  

She said she thought she'd surely be over it by now, and she'd signed up to run a half marathon today.  I asked her if she would cancel and she said no, that maybe she'd just consider it a practice run.

Today around noon she called to say that she was the first female to finish.  Ahead of all those 20- and 30-year olds.  I asked her what happened to "just a practice run."  She said that if you're running ahead, you don't think like that.

So, the life lessons.  # 1. If you don't feel quite like doing something you really wanted, do it anyway.  Show up.  You just might finish well.

# 2.  If you're running well, your thinking just might change.

Why do these life lessons strike me now?  Because I have the usual post-holiday reluctance to get back to my projects.  They seem too big.  Not engaging enough.  They might not turn out well.  I might not have everything I need.  There are lots of what if's.

Time to show up.


Joanne S said...

I think that is the best piece of advice to give anyone. Just show up.
don't know what to say to someone who has a loved one ill, deceased etc--just show up.
If you have a huge project to get finished--just show up, work on one piece of it.

I, in fact, did just that for a retirement party. I had a list of reasons why I didn't want to go--so I just showed up not expecting much and had a really good time. Congratulations to Sarah!!!

Anonymous said...

You always have the best way of looking at things. I will try to remember this lesson too :)
- Sarah