Thursday, January 7, 2016

Still A Little Light

Today, the big Christmas tree came down.  Epiphany was yesterday, so it was time.  It's interesting that both the Amish and Appalachians call Epiphany Old Christmas.

If you like Appalachian literature, or if you just like good writing, you'll enjoy an Old Christmas story by Silas House.  It's called Another Country.  I tried to put in a link, which didn't work, but you can google "Silas House Another Country Blackbird" and find it that way.  Blackbird is an online literature journal.

And if you like the short story, you'll like his books.  Like Clay's Quilt.  Coal Tattoo.

I'm always on the lookout for some kind of light to put up once the tree comes down.  Lights all over to total darkness just doesn't work, too discouraging.  This year I found five large snowflakes on a cord.  They are LED (think energy saving) and they have several ways to sync the lights.  Half off after Christmas.  Perfect.

My job tomorrow is to put the Christmas totes and small trees in the upstairs storage in such a way that I can find the fabrics I store there.  Those fabrics are mostly larger pieces, like quilt backs and holiday fabrics, not day-to-day things.  I don't have much patience for searching around, so they need to go toward the front.

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