Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sewing With Friends

Sewing with friends allowed me to finish this NICU quilt that had been pieced weeks ago.  I've noticed that left to my own devices I tend towards making baby girl quilts.  I especially like the binding on this quilt, made by cutting 2 1/4" strips of fabric printed with hearts.

I actually finished another NICU quilt and did the quilting on a long paper pieced Christmas tree quilt.  Pictures to come.  Sewing with friends is very good for me, especially during the warm months when I'm usually dividing my time between gardening, sewing, and grand kids, all of which I love.  And housework, which doesn't fit in the love category.  It's good for me to be in a space where I don't divide my time.

It was also good to come home and admire my garden.  There are so many butterflies and birds swooping around the back yard.  And even though there are deer tracks, so far the plants haven't been nibbled.  I'm thinking that perhaps this fall I'll set up some raised beds in the back yard for some vegetables next year.  I do love my flowers though.

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