Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All Star Day

Yesterday was All Star day, and the kids and I headed across one of the bridges to the parade.  They enjoyed seeing the red carpet on the streets and the hitters they'd seen the day before on tv coverage of the Home Run Derby.

Traffic was closed to cars on this bridge with the metal grating because of the parade.  The wind was starting to blow and the kids loved looking at the river water through the grating.  About a block and a half from our car it started to storm and we ducked into a store to wait it out. On the way home we saw trees and branches blown down.

Weather in the evening was beautiful.  We watched part of the game on the big tv at Fountain Square.  I hated that I forgot the sunscreen earlier in the day and there is a little sunburn showing on the grands' faces.

Aaron had a loose tooth and he really started working it during the game.  He took my phone and turned it to selfie video so he could see how to wiggle the tooth.  He finally got it out.  I hope the fairy was generous for an All Star tooth.

The grands showed their mom a few of the sights on the river front park.  This contraption is a flying pig.  It takes an outside person to move the wings up and down.

The view from the bridge walking back.  I feel kind of like Christmas is over, it was that great.

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