Wednesday, July 29, 2015


On Monday the grands and I spent some time at the park under the Big Mac bridge.  We used to call it the Downtown Park, but with the new park areas along the river front we'll have to come up with a new name.

I always think that under an expressway overpass is a strange place for a playground, but really, it's a wonderful location.  It's shaded, which is awesome for red-headed kids.  There is usually a nice breeze from the river.  And, there's all that sand for the sand volleyball courts.  I usually try to encourage the grands to take a walk, to look at the river, but it's a no go.  They love that sand.

On that hot day, there weren't a lot of kids.  I suspect that most have moved on up the river, to the parks with the water features and and air-conditioned Merry Go Round.

Today, we'll mostly be inside.  Last night I got a new movie, The Dog Who Saved Summer, a sequel to The Dog Who Saved Christmas.  And then I'm thinking a trip to the Blue Manitee bookstore in Oakley.  Lots of kid books and reading nooks and a coffee bar with smoothies.

Before the kids come, I'll be cutting out a quilt binding.  My upstairs sewing area is so warm in the summer that I don't do nearly as much sewing as during the cooler months.  I've been thinking about a small window air conditioner, but that seems kind of lazy, my machines are portable, after all.  I'll think about that next year.

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