Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Miscellaneous

I was deleting pictures on my phone when I found this one that I really liked. I snapped it after last Sunday's game when I was trying to get a position to take a picture of the kids running the bases.  It almost looks a little quilty, guess that's why I like it.  I wonder where that guy got the Johnny Bench jersey. 

Strange, last Sunday it was summer and this Sunday it is fall.

There was lots to finish last week, including embroidering these soccer blankets for Newport Catholic's seniors.  The opposite corners had names and numbers.  I didn't knot and cut the fleece, thank goodness.  Those blankets were BIG.

I wasn't there, but I enjoyed the tales of the kids at Kings Island yesterday.  Especially the ones about when dark came and the Halloween folks appeared.  I'm thinking that I'd enjoy going next Saturday, just to see the goblins.   

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