Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship 40th Anniversary

Artist Statement:

As I started work on the banner, I thought about CMF’s early beginning when members sat in circles for services. I also thought about the full circle from Mark Weidner’s helping plant the first church to the present as he prepares to leave his interim position. We continue our circles in committees, journey groups, and Sunday School. The background with its dark blues, blacks, browns, and grays is a nod to the early Mennonite and Amish quilters, representing our foundation. Bright circles on top are for celebration and our urbanness. Colors throughout are solids, once again in the Amish/Mennonite tradition, but as I started sewing at a retreat, two people offered me pieces of their fabric. Remembering how two other churches shared their space in the beginning, I said “yes,” so there are two floral pieces. I hope that as people view the banner they will think about our church history, past and present.

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