Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day

Yesterday, Veteran's Day, Nora was off school and we went to a movie at Newport on the Levee.  The website said that the first showing was 10:30, but when we got there it was 11:45.  So, we spent a pleasant hour at the aquarium.  I've learned to keep our aquarium passes with me since some of our visits seem to end up unplanned.

The old guy, above, usually sits in a corner, absolutely still, but this time he was out and about.  We saw several new arrivals, plus others we usually don't see because Aaron is skipping on ahead.  Aaron WAS in school and didn't come on this trip.  We admired Mighty Mike without the usual crowd.

We saw Free Birds, with the turkeys trying to get off the Thanksgiving menu.  I can see its possibilities in DVD sales as a holiday movie.  Nora picked out a little stuffed animal at Claire's, we had lunch, and that was our day out.  

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