Saturday, November 16, 2013

Behringer Crawford Holiday Trains

There is a small museum in Covington that has a wonderful holiday train display.  A wonderful year-round train display too, actually.  Totally different than the one in downtown Cincinnati, smaller, no lines, up-close viewing, free parking.  The people who put this together put in more set-up time than I can imagine. 

There were also crafts and the usual paddle-boat fun, fishing off the dock with magnetic fish and poles, using speaker tubes to talk with someone on the floor above or below.  I'm pretty sure that Aaron could stay all day, as long as there were other kids from time to time and regular meals.

Tonight I'm pretty excited to get started on Anita Goodesign's Garden Snow Lady, an in-the-hoop project with seven hoopings.  I always love doing these and I have my fabric picked out with my stabilizer and Decor Bond ready.  In some ways it's not really creative, someone else has already done the creating, but sometimes I like to just follow the directions.  Probably in the same way I loved paint by numbers as a kid.  With Anita Goodesign I always know that everything will fit together well and be nicely digitized.  The directions will make sense.  What's not to enjoy?   

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