Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Bobbins

The flags above are on the way out of Great American Ball Park, I just had to take a picture of the American flags at half mast.  The ninth inning continuation of Tuesday night's game lasted all of nine minutes, 2 walks, 2 singles, win for the Reds.  The Reds won the second game 11 - 2.  Remember when I said that if they don't hit one night they'll get lots of hits the next?

I got new bobbins last weekend, isn't it the little things that make us happy?  Viking has had these watercolor bobbins for years but I never got any because I usually did my piecing with gray or cream or navy and didn't need many bobbins for that.  I usually use prewound NEBS for the quilting.  But recently I've been doing quite a few alterations and the threads need to match.  So, more threads and new bobbins.

Steph's family is going to a wedding this weekend and the usual craziness of finding a nice dress is compounded for Steph by the fact that she is tall.  I was really proud of her fabric store shopping when she got cream and black fabric in just the right knit so I could add on some inches to this pretty dress.  The dress looks really classy, not added-on-to in the least.  Yay for us!

And, gotta say, I love my serger.  Perfect for this kind of thing.

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