Sunday, July 9, 2017

Table Runner

This is the table runner made with the leftover blocks from the baby quilt.  The one with the quilting I was so disappointed in.

And, really, if you're not right on top of it, four inches away, it isn't so bad.  This afternoon when I do a load of clothes I'll toss in the table runner and when it comes out of the dryer it will be somewhat better.  The cotton batting will shrink more than the piecing and there will be more puff.  The puff hides irregular quilting.

This morning in church I was paying attention but I was also sketching out the ribbon candy design.  Again and again.  Attendance at my church goes down during the summer when people are away.  People are more spread out.  I'm sure my sketching went pretty much unnoticed.

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Joanne S said...

I was intrigued so went on line to find this fiendish Ribbon Candy stitch.
Well. My try at it on paper wasn't all that successful and I thought it looked pretty "simple' on the screen.

I think making the first set of loops is easy but you do need a chalk line on the fabric to get them straight.
And then it would seem the "trick" here is to begin the second row pretty far down and make the top loops very narrow. If the spacing is wrong--they aren't going to look right. It could be simply that--you didn't start low enough.

these loops look like an Octopus head with one eye.