Sunday, July 30, 2017

Do Over

One evening last week, considering the state of my refrigerator and considering my general malaise, I went to the near-by Chinese buffet, picturing various vegetable dishes and some good soups.  It was not a good choice.  Enough said.

So last night, I went to the tiny hole in the wall, Casual Chinese, which is never a disappointment.  They have an extensive menu, which people usually carry out, it's that kind of place.  I always order the same thing, however, tofu Pad Thai.  It's so good.

It was a most excellent do over.

The events of the past week have exhausted me.  Maybe they are meant to exhaust us.  I got my copy of Time yesterday and it didn't even seem relevant, even though it was printed just a few days earlier.  I long for thoughtfulness, thoroughness, good discourse, and civility.

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Joanne S said...

We went for Chinese two nights ago. I ordered for G--Won Ton soup and fried dumplings--then he added pork fried rice. I had the vegetable lo mein. (plus two dumplings as G was exhausted and I knew he wouldn't be able to eat much)

Best part--neither of us had brought any cash or credit cards with. us. So G offered to leave me there as collateral. But the waitress just said--"well, I know you two. Well, not really. But I will let you BOTH go home to get money. " I am guessing she referred to us being "regular" once a month guests. And usually at slow times so we get to talk to the wait persons.

As to the pad thai. I have ordered it and whenever I do--in whatever restaurant--it's bland and tasteless.
Which is so wrong. Thai food should never be bland and tasteless.

News this week was exhausting--rehashing of the Boy Scout Crap Speech. Then the Vote hoo ha. Then the Police Speech (rough them up). and of course thru it all the Profane Mooch (which by the way TRUMP LOVED) G was reading some article and Nixon changed to a General as staff director at about this time in his Watergate Epic Fail. It's like deja vu. All over again. Let's hope it ends the same way. And he's out.

Here in Maine the Trump bumper stickers are everywhere- Proud of him. Senator Collins is being called all sorts of foul names. Traitor is Biggly. But in Bangor airport as she dragged her sleep deprived body off a plane in the am----standing applause from just the people waiting for planes. No organized greeting .
That must have meant the world to her. A nice welcoming thank you. Collins has never before shown any backbone. I was proud of her. Have never voted for her. Might if she runs again.