Saturday, April 22, 2017

This Girl

I'm proud of this girl,  We ended up at a restaurant that served country food - I really meant to go to a different one down the street.

No complaints.  She ordered bean soup, fried potatoes, and cornbread and was happy about it.  It was a lot of food, but she put a big dent in the potatoes and soup.  The cornbread went home for another day.

Her brother, without a doubt, wouldn't have been as happy with this meal, probably would have chosen something meat related, maybe meatloaf or a ham sandwich.  

I'll be back - it was non-smoking and not every restaurant in Northern Kentucky is.  Can you believe that?  

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Joanne S said...

Yes, I can. I am reminded of returning from Germany and being so disgusted with all the smoking in restaurants. And children. The six years in Germany there were no babies or toddlers in any restaurant.
Back in the States, G would request "no smoking and no children" when we were being seated. IF they seated kids near us after we had ordered, we asked for another table or we got up and left.

We hardly see any small children in restaurants these days. And, it wouldn't both either of us now. The German has worn off.