Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NICU Quilt

This baby quilt was so simple, just charm packs, that I wanted some walking foot quilting,

starting with a little square spiral in the center and just spiraling out.  I love the effect on a plain quilt.

If you try it, just know that it requires a lot of quilting.  Just so happens that I like a lot of quilting, but it is time consuming.

There was a time when I would purchase 2 1/2 or 3 yards of sale fabrics for backings-to-come, and I found this 3-yard piece in my stash.  

I don't make those purchases any more because
     a.  the store where I found those bargains has closed,
     b.  there is a limited number of backings that I can possibly use, and
     c.  I like pieced backings too.

The Reds lost yesterday afternoon, but it was glorious to sew and listen to the game.  And there was that home run in the 9th inning.

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Joanne S said...

I am really enjoying seeing the quilts you are quilting. I, too, love a lot of quilting on my work!!!
Perhaps you have lit the flame in me and I will once again "make something". stranger things are happening.

G is keeping me home from work for one more day. He says I am coughing too much and tire too easily to work on my feet for 7 hours. Now when the "shoe was on the other foot" so to speak--he always went to work sick and weak. Men. I am tired. So, it's off to bed.

My bathroom is now ready for drywall "mud", tile and then floor. Even painting. I don't know when the vanity will arrive but I need to go looking on the internet for lights and mirrors. My google pages are filled with sidebar ads for faucets and shower heads. Now I can add lights and mirrors. Oh, and I need to buy some paint in sample sizes. I am thinking Pure White from B. Moore. I can start with the window trim.

Even our banker said "you went back to work? Why". Because I'm crazy. Well, G just got out of the bathroom--my turn. We're sharing for the first time in 29 years............(laughing).