Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baby Bibs

Trying, trying to get caught up on some things.  Like these bibs.  Anita Goodesign Bundle of Joy collection.  My go-to collection for baby gifts.

I came home from church to find some outdoor solar lights from Amazon to twinkle from my back fence.  My last year's lights didn't make it through the winter, lesson learned.

It's getting toward the end of May and I have no flowers planted.  No containers filled.  This is a lovely day, though, the first warm, dry day in forever.

So, maybe tomorrow there will be a trip to the garden center and maybe this afternoon there will be some weeding.  


DesignRox1103 said...

Hello Connie, I very much would like to find out if I could order one of those bibs for my great grand child her name is LILYAN

Joanne S said...

G and I have been digging and weeding and mulching for a few weeks now and no closer to being done than when we began. sunday the tomatoes and peppers got relocated into larger pots and today are enjoying the cloudy rainy day. I also planted seeds. I am not feeling "well" and can't quite decide what is wrong with me. cough. dry mouth. chest congestion. fatigue.