Friday, May 13, 2016

Black and White Log Cabin

Sometimes I just have to make a quilt because . . . something.  Something I don't know yet.  Even though babies like black and white, I just can't see this as a baby quilt.  I'll snug it up around a pool noodle, and then one day, I'll say, "Oh, that's why I made it."  The fabric is a kit from Maywood Studio, and I bought it at work.

Sometimes it takes being gone for a few days to be really, really happy at home.  I loved being gone, loved the ladies I was sewing with, but now I'm loving being home.  I feel much more content tha before I left.

I'm making potato salad with red potatoes from Aldi.  We have a new Aldi not a mile from my house.  I didn't think I'd like it, no special reason why not.  What I'm finding is that I really like the produce.  I can walk in with my bag, fill it up with produce, and walk out feeling good because I spent less and because many of their things are organic.

I don't really need a cart, but in case I did . . . you put a quarter in the cart rack to get a cart.  When you return the cart, you get a quarter back.  No shopping carts floating around the parking lot.  No paying for someone to corral carts.  No car dings from unruly carts.  It's kind of civil.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty quilt.
- Sarah