Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ready to Sew Together

The nine Trip Around the World blocks for the baby quilt are ready to sew together.  Very bright, very pretty.  And, even though I was going to make something for myself using this concept, I'm over it for now.  A baby quilt is enough.  I'm thinking lots of diagonal quilting for this one. 

I came home from work yesterday and found my thread order on the porch.  Lovely neon green, orange, and blue, but no pink.  I'll get that at the quilt show and in the meantime I'll finish my bag handles with double stitching.  I had to try out the 17-wt quilting thread - the purple and green on the right - actually, I used it for free motion which is so not what it's for but it behaved nicely.  The colors are bright and completely change every few inches.  Definitely not a blendable.  I think it will be a new favorite.

At the quilt show, I have a feeling that my bag will fill up with new threads.

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