Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Good Celebraton

Yesterday was the Celebration of the Arts at my church.  A gallery of the congregation's art.  A nice little boutique.  Four workshops throughout the afternoon.  An evening meal with all kinds of donated soups and breads and cookies.  A talent show in the evening.  Still a worship service to come this morning.

I was on the committee working on this, and even though we have all kinds of precedence because my church does a bi-annual Mennonite Arts Weekend, where people come from far and wide, this was the first time for this smaller one for just our church.

And, you never know . . . will people be willing to display their art?  Will they actually give up a Saturday?  Will there be enough food?  Will there be enough people to help clean up?

And now we know, the answer is yes to all of those.  It's been a wonderful community building experience.  Who would have known that the pastor is a juggler, the doctor is a magician, that there is even such a thing as a nose harp?  That the kids will be willing to display their art and musical talents?  That there are poets and photographers and costume makers.  That there would be standing room only at dinner with just the right amount of food.

That people are already talking about next time.  

I need some breathing time before considering a next time, and there is still the take-down to go, but I do know . . . it's been good.

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