Monday, June 8, 2015

First Week of Summer Vacation

I've been on a posting vacation that will probably last another week or so.  But, here are some things going on.  Hiking at the Fort Thomas tree trail.  I told the kids they were training for an Smokeys trip later.

First zoo trip of the summer.  I like to go toward the end of the day when there are once again parking spaces in the up-close canopied area.

Hampster balls, got to do that.

First time on the aquarium shark bridge.  It was a hit, we went across three times.

And then, there was baseball.  Aaron pitched on Saturday for his first time and he did great.  I wish I had his confidence.

Nora's Wombats went 10 - 0 for the season in a game that was hard for me to watch.  Here's the coach's recap:

The Wombats locked up in a good ol' good one today against Milford- an epic pitcher's duel. They ran their ace out there and we countered with our ace..and Ashley Beach was dealing today baby, neutralizing every threat that they mounted as she went the distance for the complete game W. Hits were at a premium as the Wombats drew first blood on and RBI sac by Emma Tenhundfeld scoring Nora Lockhart who had led off with a base knock. That ribeye would prove to loom large as the plate was only dented twice today. Ashley Clarke provided the go-ahead run on a solo home run missile to left center. Nora was on the receiving end of a throw down to third from Sydnie Pelle to knock off the tying run on a steal attempt. Nora also received a perfect strike throw to the plate From Ashley Clarke to gun down a runner from third that would have been the tying run again. McKenzie Weber continues to swing a hot bat, adding a couple of knocks on the day.
It was a white-knuckle finish in the bottom of the last with the tying run on third and Ashley Beach dug deep and slammed the door to secure the win. 10 and 0! Couldn't be more proud of how far this team has come!!!

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